The Story

It’s 1922, and small-town girl Millie Dillmount has just arrived in New York City, ready to make her dreams come true. Millie’s plan is simple: find a job as a secretary for an eligible bachelor, and then marry him. It doesn’t take long, however, for Millie’s “thoroughly modern” plan to go awry. Her conniving landlady plots to kidnap Millie’s best friend and sell her into slavery in Hong Kong, her wealthy boss seems entirely uninterested in her flirtations, and -- worst of all -- the man with whom she falls head over heels in love doesn’t have a penny to his name. Winner of the 2002 Tony Award for Best Musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie is a bright, funny, and charming musical comedy -- a heartfelt valentine to New York City and the people who love her.

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The Characters

Grease - Characters
Millie Dillmount
Millie is the sweet, classic ingénue with pluck. She makes her way to Manhattan searching for adventure and the chance to become a “modern” and runs into her destiny.
Jimmy is our male counterpart to Millie. Accustomed to the New York way of life, he finds himself oddly drawn to the girl from No-where-ville, Kansas, Millie.
Mrs. Meers
A former actress turned villain pretending to be a kindly woman.
Miss Dorothy Brown
A naive, wealthy girl who has moved to New York to change her lifestyle. She is very proper and has come to Manhattan from California in search of an acting career on Broadway.
Miss Flannery
Miss Flannery is the office manager. She's uptight and stern, a real no-nonsense kind of gal.
Ching Ho & Bun Foo
A Chinese immigrant working to bring his mother to the United States.

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The Staff

Morgan Kaplan
Andrew Maynerich
Stacy Kolaz
Assistant Director
Dan Humphries
Diane Dietz
Vocal Director
Danny Guttas
Apprentice Director