• Elle Woods: (Soprano/Dance/Female/ Appears 18 to mid 20s) The quintessential Valley Girl who follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School and realizes that she has more to offer than just a pretty face and a bubbly personality. I mean, seriously, what more is there to say about our Elle? Vocal Range: G5-Gb2
  • Emmett Forrest: (Tenor/Dance/Male/ Appears 20 to mid 20s) A third year law student who takes Elle under his wing. Emmett is charming, quirky, loveable, and friendly. He’s probably your next #ManCrushMonday, tbh. Vocal Range: A4-B2
  • Warner Huntington III: (Tenor/ Dance/Male/Appears 20 to mid 20s) Elle’s ex-boyfriend (eye roll) who breaks her heart and enrolls at Harvard Law School. Ugh. Boy, bye. Vocal Range: Ab4- Eb3
  • Paulette Boafonte: (Mezzo-Soprano/ Dance/Female/Appears mid 30s to mid 40s) A caring and brash hair stylist who befriends Elle. Paulette longs to find a (Irish) man for herself. The Fourth of July makes her want a Muni dog real bad. Vocal Range: A5-A3
  • Professor Callahan: (Baritone/Dance/ Male/Appears mid 40s to mid 50s) Elle’s Harvard law professor who is highly successful, pompous, and manipulative. He also shares the same last name as a Stephen King character which, like, can’t be a coincidence. Vocal Range: F#4-A2
  • Brooke Wyndham: (Mezzo-Soprano/ Dance/Female/Appears 20 to mid 20s) A former sorority member who has become an exercise video mogul and is maybe also a little murdery? No, for real, she is currently on trial for murder. Total scandal. Vocal Range: G5-A3
  • Vivienne Kensington: (Mezzo-Soprano/ Dance/Female/Appears 20 to mid 20s) A fellow law student who is also Warner’s new fiancée (gasp!). Vivienne is a total Einstein but her personality is in serious need of a makeover. Vocal Range: F5-A3
  • Ensemble: Greek chorus (20 dancers and singers)